Who We Are

PHILIPPINE PSYCHOLOGICAL CORPORATION (PhilPsyCor) was formally incorporated in 1961 but saw its beginnings with the Institute of Human Resource (IHR) which was established in 1948 at the Philippine Women’s University (PWU).  Proceeding from the work initiated by IHR and from its own efforts, PhilPsyCor is recognized as the pioneer in industrial psychological testing in the Philippines.   At present, the company’s client list includes virtually all the top corporations in the country, practically all the schools and most of the government agencies that have need for testing on a large scale.

As the exclusive representative of the major psychological test publishing houses of Europe and the United States, PhilPsyCor is able to offer the widest array of psychological test materials available.  We provide appropriate assessment tools for specific needs.

Our Technical Division does psychological testing, career counseling, training and research.  We handle testing work for schools  and organizations who want to avail of our expertise in testing and interpretation of results.  Companies acknowledge the value of our testing services in their various personnel-related assessment and screening programs.  Institutions of learning, on the other hand, look to us for their student admissions, placement and guidance counseling needs.

We conduct career testing and career counseling sessions for individuals and groups who want to seek guidance on what course or career field to pursue.

We are involved in making well-established psychological tools as applicable to the Philippine setting as possible through adaptation and translation of  tests, as well as the development of Philippine norms for local use.

As a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®(MBTI®) Expert and Consultant,  and with 50 years of experience in dealing with various organizations, schools and agencies,  PhilPsyCor facilitates strategic human resource and organizational development workshops such as teambuilding, leadership development, self awareness, career pathing, change management readiness, problem-solving and communication development, as well as  stress management training.

With its conscientious and continuous search for newer dimensions and fresher perspectives, PhilPsyCor becomes a living institution, conscious of its manifold role in the psychological, industrial, business and educational development in the Philippines.