Educational Testing

We provide educational assessment tools and services that can effectively help schools in meeting important instructional and motivational goals. Among these are: diagnosing strengths and weaknesses of students in an instructional program, classifying students, enhancing student motivation, and assessing course program.

PhilPsyCor has always tried to find ways and means to make the jobs of Guidance Counselors and School Psychometricians easier. We have always believed that when psychological testing tools are utilized properly, they will enable our clients to address a basic need of educators —to have a better in-depth understanding of their students, individually and collectively.

We offer combined mental ability and achievement tests,  aptitude, interests and personality tests to  provide information about how students are doing, how prepared they are for their scholastic endeavors, and how they have progressed since the last time they were tested.  By becoming more aware of the individual characteristics, interests, learning styles and personalities of the students in relation to their classmates, their schoolmates and their community, schools can be better equipped to deal with their students and teachers.  Using the latest technology in scoring and interpreting test results, we can provide schools with comprehensive test results quickly and accurately.

Our Mental Ability with Achievement Testing service provides schools with detailed Individual Reports, Group Reports, Masterlist and Ranked Reports, as well Parent Reports.

Our in-depth Personality Reports for children, adolescents and young adults offer a complete assessment of the characteristics and unique needs of each student in different age groups.

Our Career Reports presents a thorough analysis of the career inclinations, aptitudes and interests of the students which are much-needed as they decide what courses and degrees to pursue.

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