Clinical Testing Services

PhilPsyCor conducts in-depth assessment using clinical personality tests,  full IQ tests and comprehensive interviews.    This particular testing service provides mental health practitioners such as Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and Counselors with vital information about their clients.     We provide objective bases to determine how clients may react in crisis, how vulnerable they are to anti-social behaviors, depression, faulty thinking, bizarre thoughts, aggressive expressions without feelings of guilt or remorse, possible drugs or alcohol problems, among others.    Our clinical testing service can help determine a client’s present ability to deal with stressful conditions and cope with interpersonal pressures, as well as his possible employment problems and issues with the therapist.

PhilPsyCor utilizes the most respected and well-researched psychological tests in the field that are considered musts prior to therapy or clinical counseling, and for various critical positions involving office or public safety.   We use discerning psychological tools that are used to evaluate the major symptoms of social and personal maladjustment.  

Our clinical personality tests cover such critical dimensions as tendencies toward aggressive or hostile behavior, depression, suicidal tendencies, proneness to anxiety, fears, family problems, among others.

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