Sales & Test Distribution

Our client list includes the country’s top schools, companies and government agencies. Call any one of them and chances are, they’ll tell you why they’ve been purchasing their psychological tests from us for a long time.

PhilPsyCor represents the most established and respected publishers in the U.S. and Europe, and exclusively distributes their tests in the Philippines. Special reprint rights enable us to make their most popular tests available at the lowest rates. With such names as Pearson, Oxford Psychologist Press (OPP), Institute of Personality and Ability Testing (IPAT), among others, you know you’re in the best company.

We also use the leading technology in administering and evaluating tests. What used to take days or weeks, now only takes a few hours, minutes or seconds. Thanks to the latest online processing and computer scanning advances, test results are generated, analyzed and reported comprehensively and accurately right away. One other advantage computerization has brought about: accurate, objective interpretation by the test developers themselves.

For more information on how to get accredited to purchase psychological test materials from our company, call our Sales Department at 636-6327 to 29 or 631-7401, or email us at