Updating Lectures

The recent years have witnessed many developments and sharp advances in the field of psychological testing.  Well-established publishers of assessment tools, from mental ability and achievement tests to personality and interest tests, have come up with newer test editions to respond to the changing times. More effective testing strategies and increasing professional responsibility are being adopted in order to meet the greater needs and demands of the test users. In this age of high technology, the computer has taken on a major role in allowing faster, more accurate and more objective scoring and reporting of test results.

PhilPsyCor conducts interactive lectures and updating sessions in various topics related to psychological testing such as  Trends, Uses and Values of Psychological Testing in Schools,  Tested Testing Techniques for Industries,  Enhancing Career Counseling with the Use of Psychological Tests,   Ethics for Test Users, among others.  

Through actual case presentations, our lectures illustrate how the new testing systems in psychological testing open up an entirely new way to view examinees,  whether they are students whose abilities and unique potentials need to be determined in relation to their classmates, grade or batch mates and schoolmates,  or employees whose work style, emotional strength and interpersonal skills need to be assessed before they are placed on certain positions.

We also accept invitations for talks and forums in schools and companies.  For more information,  please call us at 636-6327 to 29, 631-7401 or email us at philpsycor@gmail.com.

Research Projects

Over the years, we have been constantly and heavily involved in making the tests as applicable to the Philippine setting as possible.  Being duly authorized by the publishers of these psychological tools, we have been adapting and translating tests, as well as developing Philippine norms for them.

Among the major research projects undertaken by PhilPsyCor are the adaptation zof mental ability and achievement tests, and the translation-adaptation of the  Sixteen Personality Factors© Fifth Edition (16PF 5th ed.) Questionnaire.   After more than three years of hardwork, the 16PF in Filipino, is now among the duly recognized translations of the 16 PF worldwide.

Left photo shows thedaughter of 16PF author Raymond Cattell, Dr. Heather Cattell (far right), discussing the  IPAT’S STANDARD PRACTICES & POLICIES FOR   INTERNATIONAL TRANSLATORS with PhilPsyCor’s Technical Director Christabel Garcia-Chao  and IPAT’s Research Head Dr. Mary Kelly during the APA Conference in San Francisco, California on August, 2001.
Left photo shows PhilPsyCor’s Executive Vice President Ruby Benitez (standing) withthe daughters of  16PF author Raymond Cattell,  Dr. Heather Cattell (seated far right)  and Mary Cattell (seated in the middle ) during the  APA Conference in San Francisco, California on August, 2001 They are joined by IPAT’s Research Head Dr. Mary Kelly (far left).