Career Counseling Service

PhilPsyCor offers Career Counseling service which involves thorough assessment of career interests, personality and professional aptitudes.  The comprehensive career reports are presented and discussed during the career counseling sessions.

This service is based on the premise that if individuals pursue a course that they find interesting, and if they work in an environment that is compatible with their interests, personal characteristics and aptitudes, they are likely to be more satisfied, driven and more productive.

Our Career Counseling service explores the following areas:

  • Preferences, interests, unique gifts and work style of the individual;
  • Work environments and tasks that he would find satisfying;
  • Specific occupations that offer good possibilities for exploration (including a description of the tasks and skills involved in each occupation);
  • Strategies for career development; and
  • Tactics for using personality preferences to stay motivated during the career exploration process.

If you are interested to avail of our career counseling services, call us at 636-6327 to 29 or 631-7401, or email us at to get more information.